Pastille Bakery started as a family run business during lockdown, with our chef Jamie doing the baking, his partner doing the “paperwork” and his mum doing deliveries.

After selling out every week at local farmers markets, it wasn’t until he met his now business partner, Ricky (owner of popular local eatery Rocco’s Kitchen), that the idea to have a bakery to call our own really came to life.

Based in Liverpool, Jamie’s background stemmed from being a chef in and around the city over the last 10 years. He got the idea of opening a patisserie after working with one of the UK’s best pastry chefs, Damien Wager (Bath, Somerset). His experience was further enhanced after a brief stint in one of the UK’s best bakery’s, Pollen (Manchester).

With Jamie’s pastry experience and Ricky’s business background, we aim to delight our customers with a unique approach to modern bakery.